Oh Mama! What a Pretty Day You Have Made

Song Notes

Some years ago at a singing festival held on a lovely farm not far from the Oregon coast, I was standing in the early morning summer sun with my sweetheart Deanna next to some lovely little falls on the creek running through the woods at the edge of the property.  As Deanna headed back toward our tent to make ready for the opening circle, something held me by the falls.  In a moment, I found myself gently dancing to this little melody that came pulsing through me, and then these words slid into place as I approached Deanna and another friend who’d joined her.  I invited them to sing along as we continued toward the main circle.  As we all gathered, perhaps a hundred or so folks started joining in this sweet easy song and dance of praise and gratitude.  It has since been a frequent starter at so many outdoor gatherings over the years.