Ridin’ My Bike

Song Notes

Years ago, around 2010, my mentor Denis Donnelly, (co-founder and teacher with Shivon Robinsong of the Gettin’ Higher Choir and the Community Choir Leadership Training) was leading a weekly song circle at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.  The university had a strong environmental focus, and put out a call for everyone on the university staff to ride their bikes to work for a day, (I believe for one day a month.)  Denis called me and asked if I knew a song about the joy of riding bikes.  I said I didn’t know one, but I’d see if I could write one.  I believe that very day this song came in, pretty much fully formed.

Over the years, it has been such an easy song to teach and play with in a big group, getting everybody up and riding their imaginary air bikes, rockin’ their funky dance moves as they steer their way amongst each other.  We often would call out, “OK slow it down, big hill!  Almost there, almost there…. now over the crest, down the hill, faster and faster, with everybody finishing together on “It just makes me want to sing this song!”

For some reason I never thought to record it until a few months ago, (2021).  Have fun!


Part One:
Ridin’ my bike, riding’ my bike, riding’ my back to work and back

Part Two:
Ooooo, I like to ride my bike, ride it to work, and back, Ooooo, I like to read my bike, ride it to work, and back,


I can hear the birds, I can feel the breeze,

I can smell the blossoms on the trees,

I can feel my body growing strong,

It just makes me want to sing this song.



Part I.

Lead, Bass

Part II.

Lead, Tenor

Alto, Harmony