The All In Every This

Song Notes

I use this song as a way of expressing the “holographic” nature of things; seeing “a world in a grain of sand,” as William Blake put it. It is also a way to acknowledge that we each carry the whole range of human possibilities, from the sublime and saintly to the dark and dastardly. My teacher, Angeles Arrien, says “where’s there’s charge, there’s projection.” So this song is also a reminder to take home our projections, and hold ourselves and each other with compassion and forgiveness, because everybody ‘carries it all” or as the pastor of my youth, Dr. Dale Turner, was known to say, “Be kind. Everybody’s carrying a heavy load.” Teaching Suggestions: First, I teach everyone the bottom part, or “engine”. Then I introduce the three upper parts one at a time. If you have a choir already divided into SATB sections, you can teach the parts as written to the appropriate sections. In a less formally organized setting, I just teach the different harmonies, and ask people to choose the one that appeals to them. This is also a good song for people to just mill about amongst each other, singing their parts, gazing in each other’s eyes, and enjoying the cascading harmonies. It seems particularly useful after a workshop of deep sharing together.