Trees Grow Slow


Verse One:
Sometimes we wonder, a worried wonder, what more can we do.  In all our longing to bring healing to this land will we last long enough to see it through.  From all our giving, all our passion all our care, when we’re gone will something good be left behind.  Then we hear a voice from deep inside, sweet simple words come to ease our minds.


Trees grow slow and trees grow strong.  And trees sway with the wind their whole lives long.  And trees hold the ground as they reach for the sky.  And fallen trees still feed the seeds they cast before they die.

Verse Two:
We wander to and fro, stay awhile then go, burn more holes in our boots.  In all our going what we want to know will our souls ever put down roots.  Is there a somewhere we’ll know we’re finally home, feeling this is the place where we belong.  Then we hear a voice so clear and strong, turn off your mind, listen to this song.


Verse Three:
We let the fences fall, what stands between us all and sense the veil thin.  The night dark raven calls and tilts his wing and sends a bolt of wild wisdom through our skin.  The winter wren is thrilling out its song and it fills our hearts up to the brim.  The whole living world just takes us in.  One more time let the song begin.



Verses and Chorus:  Baritone Melody

Verses and Chorus:  Alto Harmony on Verse; Alto Melody on Chorus

Chorus:  Alto Melody

Chorus:  Soprano Harmony

Chorus:  Tenor Harmony

Chorus:  Baritone Harmony