Trust and Allow

Song Notes

Trust and Allow

I was at a small gathering with some friends just before I was to have hip replacement surgery a short while ago.  One of the friends, Kate Munger, who founded the Threshold Choir network, offered that she would call around to all her song writing friends, and suggest they send healing songs to her that she could then pass along to me on a daily basis for the first month after surgery, as a way of generating a healing wash of musical support for my recovery, as well as creating a resource for others to share in the beauty and blessing of these songs.  I would be the trial subject and first beneficiary of an ongoing process for any and all.  Then Kate said, “And of course, you have to write a song too.”  This song is the result of that “assignment.”

As the array of kind and gorgeous blessing songs began arriving, I reflected on what phrase had been most useful in my own healing work in the past.  Back in the nineties, I had some extensive  training in Transformational Hypnotherapy, a respectful, shamanic, client centered approach to what is best described as “assisted self-healing.”  It was a revelation in discovering how one could assist another in relaxing into a light to medium trance, below critical filters, to discover the deep inner realm of personal imagery, seemingly ever ready to be invited into assistance with whatever healing processes needed to happen.  In such interactive states, where the client is fully able to relate what they are experiencing, it was always awe inspiring to witness the amazing currents of creativity, courage, insight, humor, and deep release of hidden feeling that would reveal themselves in such surprisingly accurate and timely ways.  It was as if one was directly experiencing the personal care of the great interwoven web of Life itself, in its infinite genius for adaptation to challenge, and for taking the next immediate healing steps in ones evolution towards wholeness and connection.  “Trust and Allow” was the essential phrase for helping folks stay with their ongoing process.

My primary teacher for this work was Pamela Grace, who founded a healing center called Heartspring in Seattle, Washington.  She was an absolute master as a teacher and healer.  Pamela was also the one who gave me the term “permissionary,” which many have heard me say she would use as the definition of our job here when we finally get it.  She also spoke of the primal wound as being the “break in belonging.”  This song seeks to offer words and tones to sooth that sense of disconnect, and remind us that even the Earth herself cherishes who we are and the medicine we carry.

April, 2018


Three-part Engine: Alto, Tenor, Bass
Trust and allow

Soprano and or Baritone descant
You are in a healing place.  The Earth beneath you knows your face.  You know that She cherishes the life alive in you.  From deep within you, She is, whatever your journey, gathering healing wisdom to see you through, to carry you through.

In blood and fiber deep inside, wild wisdom still abides.  You are sacred kin with fox and otter cedar tree and wren.  Ancestors with you, they are, whatever your journey, gathering close around you to see you through, to carry you through.




Engine:  Alto



Descant:  Soprano /Baritone