We Shall Sing

Song Notes

This was another song that came in with nonsense syllables riding the harmonic overlays. I recorded the four parts, and listening to them seemed to suggest waltzing along in love and peace, so the words just filled themselves in. When I was studying anatomy and physiology in massage school, and discovering the mysterious wonder of the human body and of all physical life, the amazingly complicated yet perfectly inter-connected intelligence and teamwork of it all, it became even more unthinkable to me that anyone would ever do violence to any of this remarkable living creation. That’s the state of reverence that informed these simple words, and though it may seem naïve, I’m sticking by them. And by the way, when all the parts are running, it’s not uncommon for folks to start waltzing around together while they sing.


Part One (bass engine):

We shall sing only in love,

We shall walk only in peace.


Part Two (alto):

We are love

We are peace.


Part Three (tenor):

Sing only love

Walk Only peace


Part Four (soprano):

Sing a song of praise to the Mother

Sing a song of praise to the Earth

Thank Her for the beauty that surrounds us

Thank Her for the miracle of birth!

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