Oregon Country Fair
July 13, 2018
Veneta, Oregon
Oregon Country Fair

Teaching songs with Aimee Ringle for Spoken Word program at the Oregon Country Fair.  July 11-13.  Everyday at the Rabbit Hole

Songs For These Times: Reclaiming the Primal Pleasure of Group Singing

Aimee Ringle and Laurence Cole have for some years been part of a worldwide cultural re-awakening to the nourishing and healing power of group singing.  They teach easily learned songs, chants and rounds in which the interlocking parts blend in exciting and gently challenging rhythms and harmonies.  They are like “eco-spiritual” song games, mostly original compositions, that call upon our capacities to closely listen to and support one another in holding our parts together.  This creates a delicious blend of beauty and genuine big energy communion, otherwise known as lots of fun, which remind us that all flourishing is mutual.

Such primal pleasures cannot be bought or sold, only shared together equitably in community. They require nothing more than what we were born with; our souls, our voices, our hearts, our care.  These sorts of group experiences (or “technologies of belonging”), are natural to us.  They have been the glue of community from our earliest times as human beings.

As such, all folks are welcomed, at whatever level of singing experience or confidence, into a “no put down” zone, where each voice fits seamlessly into the soaring and lustrous expression of sound, which often ends in the lively silence or hoops and hollers that frequently follow joyous co-creation.

This is Aimee and Laurence’s 5th year at the Oregon Country Fair.  They have been leading song circles both individually and together in various gatherings and festivals throughout North America, as well as leading separate community choirs in or near Port Townsend, Washington.

You can contact Aimee Ringle through Facebook:  www.facebook.com/AimeeRingle