Singing For Our Lives with Laurence Cole
April 27, 2018
Eugene, OR
Saraha Buddhist Center, 477 East 40th Avenue

Friday, April 27, 2018, 7:30 p.m. at Saraha Buddhist Center, 477 East 40th Avenue, Eugene, OR.

Reclaiming the Primal Pleasure of Group Singing

In these times of disconnection, isolation, and polarization, song elder Laurence Cole brings the magic and power of passionate group singing to festivals, gatherings, and grief tending workshops all over North America. He writes and teaches easily learned songs, chants and rounds, building layers of harmony and rhythm in a manner that welcomes all voices, no matter the level of experience. He holds group singing as a “primal pleasure,” part of our natural inheritance throughout all our time on this planet, an ancient “technology” of belonging and connection, that allows us to come fully into the present moment together in the enlivening co-creation of meaning and beauty, otherwise known as a really good time.