Song, Improvisation, Grief and Joy
February 14, 2019
Eugene, Oregon
Obsidian Lodge, 2250 East 29th Avenue, Eugene, OR

Workshop with Laurence Cole and Briony Greenhill.  For details and to register go to:

February 14-17, 2019, Obsidian Lodge, 2251 East 29th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

On Thursday, Friday and Sunday, we will sing songs, nurture the voice, and improvise.

On Saturday, Briony and Laurence will co-lead a grief ritual. Both are grief ritual leaders deeply steeped in the legacy of Sobonfu Some.

You can come to either the singing, or the grief ritual, or both.

Thursday 4-7.30 pm
Friday 10am-5 pm
Saturday 10am – 6 pm
Sunday 10.30am – 4.30 pm.

Cost: Singing only: $220. Grief ritual only: $70. Both: $250. Get in touch to discuss scholarships if this is needed.

The voice, erupting up through the tissues from the belly, flowing through the heart and out of the mouth, carrying the soul into the air and touching everyone with its soundwave. In song, we align, resonate, form a structure through our multiple voices; raise the roof. In improvisation, we stand in silence, in quiet worship of emptiness, listening for the sound that wants to come through – and gradually, more and more, daring to give it voice. In deep listening, connection and expanding trust, we sing.

Coming south from Port Townsend, Laurence Cole is the Grandfather of firecircle singing. He brings his profound and uplifting songs, of social change, soulful living, and the seeds of a hopeful future, woven in hair-raising harmony, supported by the drum.

Travelling up from California and across the waters from Wales, Improviser Briony Greenhill brings a ten year devotion to this daoist artform and “masterful,” “life-changing” teaching. Described as the “Rolls Royce of singing teachers,” Briony teaches Vocal Improvisation in weekend, week-long and year long courses internationally.