Song Notes

I was asked to write a song for the groundbreaking on the site of the first new home built at our EcoVillage. We decided to call it a ground blessing. The builder particularly wanted to honor and remember all the beings that had lived and walked on the land over the countless centuries before we showed up. This is the song that arrived on that intention. We gathered wild rose petals, lavender and calendula, and sang the song while strewing all the aromatic beauty across the ground. Since then there have been many ground blessings, song circles and ceremonies where this song has been sung to open the space with such remembrance and intention. If you have a group of around twelve to twenty folks or so, you can sing this song as a circle dance. First form yourselves into a true circle, which happens naturally when everyone can see (in their peripheral vision) the people on the other side of the folks right next to you, while looking straight ahead to the center. Teach the parts one at a time, so everyone can learn them all, then snuggle in close to each other, side to side, and begin the song while taking small steps to the left in time with the beat. Once you’ve made a complete circuit, the song will be well sung and the ground will feel blessed. It works just as well to do the “sing and mingle” thing, everyone just easily moving about the territory in a random but intentional way.


Part One:

Humbly we walk here,

Humbly we sing here,

Humbly we bless this ground.

Part Two:


And with gratitude,

Remembering the ancient ones who walk this ground.

Part three:

Humbly, we walk this ground

With the Spirit of Blessing in our hearts.

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Part one:



Part two:



Part three: