Just Mercy

Song Notes

Words by Laurence Cole, inspired by Brian Stevenson’s Just Mercy



Just mercy, justice and mercy, just mercy please.  Just mercy, justice and mercy.  Just mercy please.


Some say our habits of dominance are just too huge to break. That our unquestioned sense of entitlement is an open license to take.  Taking without asking and never giving back, Just take and use and throw away And carelessly forget, so I’m pleading for…CHORUS

We’ve won the war with Nature, yeah, we’ve brought her to her knees.  Orca mamas, murrelets, butterflies and bees.  Whole peoples, whole kinds of beings, interwoven in beauty and love.  May we please, while we still can, release the healing grace…of…CHORUS

So many people convicted for their skin While those killers in high places know the air is getting thin.  The oceans are all rising, the soil is almost gone It’s time to give out now what we’ve known we’ve needed to all along, Oh…CHORUS

Us North folks export misery that South folks got no choice but to flee.  When they arrive, we turn them back from the land of the free.  Free to live off others cheap labor, ruination of their lands, At last may our grief soaked frozen hearts finally melt and understand And deliver now….CHORUS

White bodies, black bodies, centuries of horror and pain. Locked up inside, blowing back, blowing through, again, again and again.  George’s little daughter said, “My Daddy just changed the world!” May we feel through and heal, make this new world real, for this precious little girl, no more waiting for…CHORUS




Alto (Melody)

Soprano harmony

Tenor harmony

Bass harmony