The Holy Land of Not Knowing

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Part One:  
Every day is a gift.  Every step is a sacred journey.  Every breath is a blended blessing.

Part Two:  Rap
That was gathered from the phytoplankton and the protozoa, not to mention all the critters that climbed on the boat with Noah, All the algae and the whales, redwood trees and dandelions, Everything that ever lived had to breathe to keep from dying’.  And every thing that breathes makes everything that’s breathable.  This sacred symbiosis is how breathing life is feasible (talking to plants now) I give my CO2 to you, you give your oxygen to me.  It’s a pretty damn good deal, we call it reciprocity.

Part Three:  Repeated chant in 3 part harmony

All this giving and receiving is lifted by the mighty winds that all around this living world….are blowing.

Overlay to Part Three:

Everyday is a gift, every, every step is a sacred journey

Every day is a gift. Every step is a sacred journey

Into the land,

The Holy land,

The Holy Land of Not Knowing.